Tips for working remotely

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As we enter a potentially lengthly phase of remote working, here are some ideas for keeping teams together, focused and supported:

1. Use Zoom for all meetings (or consider Microsoft Teams, which has a number of functionalities)

2. Use Slack for daily comms, general chat and threads for work and non work things (pets, kudos, shout outs, birthdays and anniversaries, equivalent of office chit chat)

3. Create a couple of “cafes” a week where people can log onto zoom with a cuppa and have a general chit chat at 9am to start the day 

4. Create a slack channel for mental health or people who are struggling/need some contact and everyone jumps in

5. Get everyone to set goals to keep them focused 

6. Trust people explicitly, it’s about output not how many hours a week they have been sat at their desk

7. People work at all times of day around their family, other commitments. Ask everyone to keep their diaries updated and visible so that people know when each other are about. 

8. People’s diaries are not questioned as long as they deliver

9. Allow people to work when and how they like as long as they don’t let anyone down 

10. Use google docs (or the equivalent) to share info and go totally paperless

Keep safe everyone!

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