Recruitment through Covid-19…A new kind of business as usual?

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What a week it has been for everyone, where they have had to find new ways of working in environments which for many are unfamiliar as a work-place setting.  Uncertainty is the worst and it is currently out there in abundance.

As we all begin to resurface over the coming days and weeks and adapt to our new set-ups, more than ever candidate experience, engagement and ultimately communication is so very important.

Those within a recruitment journey may be wondering what is happening with their application or whether the role they applied for still exists, and those who have already been offered a role, who are in the “danger zone” between offer and starting are wondering if they have a job to go to or if their start date impacted.

How we act now and will pave the way for how your employer brand and experience is perceived in the future, once economic conditions improve.

It is of course a worrying time for everyone, but if we are fit, well and able to there is an endless list of how we can be proactive

Here are just a few of my ideas, and not one of them requires leaving the house and are either free or low cost:

  1. Use video to interview; Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Skype or FaceTime for example
  2. Take skills, aptitude and psychometric assessments online
  3. Candidate presentations can be done via a webinar
  4. Create slack channels for storytelling, recruitment and onboarding and ultimately engagement
  5. Create “life at” social presence, asking your teams to share stories of what they are doing through this time and for them to become ambassadors for the brand
  6. Use Glassdoor and Indeed to communicate and to manage your brand
  7. Create talent communities on social as a communication tool
  8. Ask your current team to connect with new joiners on LinkedIN and communicate with them
  9. Ask the leaders of your business to hold an online event; Breakfast with…, Lunch & Learn with…, Happy Hour with… etc
  10. Consider how you can use technology like Docusign to electronically send your signatures and get a electronic signature.
  11. If you can’t do any of this then pick up the phone, and ideally turn off automated email responses.
  12. Above all else, be honest about your situation, don’t create a rosey vista if it isn’t. You and your brand will be more respected if you are straight up and brave.
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