Recruitment Management & Effectiveness

Do you find it hard to find the right person? Or difficult to find the time to dedicate to recruitment? Maybe recruitment costs are worrying you? You aren’t alone, these are common challenges most businesses face.

Don’t worry, Vibrant HR can help! Having spent more years than we care to remember (about 20) working within and leading in-house recruitment teams, this is our bread and butter.

Here are just some of the things we can help you with, and if it’s not on the list don’t worry we’ve got you covered, just ask.

You can pick and choose or take the lot plus more, its entirely your call:

Attraction – be it writing an advert, advertising through job boards, directly sourcing, social media strategy or employment brand. You name it! (or we can help you name it if you can’t think of the name).

Screening & shortlisting – Haven’t got the time to look through all of those wonderful CV’s, we can help you with that.  Freeing up your time to focus on your important business.

Interviews – Maybe you are not a confident interviewer, or perhaps some of your hiring decisions have not been as great as you had hoped?  If you need us to, we can interview potential candidates with you, suggest some better interview questions or techniques, or help with assessment design, bespoke to your particular requirements.  If psychometric assessments float your boat then we are also SHL and Saville Wave level B accredited.

Offer – We can also manage the whole offer process for you, negotiate a package, create your offer letters and complete your legal right to work and referencing checks.

Onboarding – First impressions really do count, so a decent onboarding and induction program is vital in ensuring your new employee-to-be arrives safely, feeling loved and raring to go on day one, which will enable them to adjust to their new role, transition into the business and culture more smoothly.  Ultimately this will aid retention, save on recruitment costs, and help employees feel supported and be more productive more quickly.  We can support you with keeping in touch prior to and after joining and provide practical advice to ensure they are still as up for it a few months down the road as they were on day one.

Recruitment effectiveness “Health Check” – Let us take a look at the great recruitment work that you have done in the past and what you already have in place, and perhaps we can come up with some suggestions or tweaks that can make your practices and offerings even more fabulous. 

Most importantly we can create time back into your diary and hopefully drive down your recruitment costs. We can work with you on an ad-hoc basis as you need us, or as an extension of your existing HR or recruitment team.