Employee Engagement & Experience - the holy grail of a productive business

Employee Engagement, Employee Experience and Employer Brand…we like to lump this bunch together because if you don’t have good employee engagement, or if your employees are not having a decent and fair experience then it sure does play havoc with your employer brand, productivity and subsequently your company brand and bottom line.

There are some simple questions to ask:
  • Do you know where your company is going? do your employees know and are they on the bus? (i.e are their objectives and values vertically aligned)
  • How do you communicate with your employees, and can they communicate with you?  Do you honestly know how your people feel and what they are saying to their mates at the coffee machine or down the pub about you?
  • Are you experiencing a problem attracting people into your business or are the people you worked so hard to recruit in the first place not performing as expected or walking out of the door to join another business?
  • Do you shout about what is fabulous about your business, internally….and externally.  Are you honest about the things that need to be better and are you are working together to come up with solutions?

Does any of this ring true with you and your business.  Let’s have a chat and see how we can help.