Diversity & Inclusion - we love this stuff, it's here, it's now and its staying.

Its commonly known amongst those who have been following D&I for a while that diverse organisations are over 30% more profitable than organisations where everyone within it looks or thinks the same, and whilst it is all well and good being diverse the important bit is in the inclusion where people can bring their whole self to work, being enabled to contribute and feel as valued and loved as exactly as they are, otherwise your diverse workforce will walk out the door, along with part of your profit.

More and more companies are now seeing the value in D&I and looking at ways in which they can diversify those who are attracted to work for them.  Sadly, those companies that are not will soon be left behind when it comes to their ability to attract and retain talent, their company reputation and bring a limitation to those customers who want to do business with those companies.

Perhaps this is an area you haven’t really considered before, or you have and you don’t know where to start?

Having been a D&I Champion in the past, we love this stuff.  We can provide diagnostics, facilitate action planning and support implementation of a D&I strategy and initiatives.