Protecting your people through Covid-19

If you are a business owner looking for some help and advice through the coronavirus outbreak then our handy E-Book below may be useful, and we are only a phone call away Vibrant HR Solutions – protecting your people through covid-19 (31 March 2020)

Recruitment through Covid-19…A new kind of business as usual?

What a week it has been for everyone, where they have had to find new ways of working in environments which for many are unfamiliar as a work-place setting.  Uncertainty is the worst and it is currently out there in abundance. As we all begin to resurface over the coming days and weeks and adapt […]

Tips for working remotely

As we enter a potentially lengthly phase of remote working, here are some ideas for keeping teams together, focused and supported: 1. Use Zoom for all meetings (or consider Microsoft Teams, which has a number of functionalities) 2. Use Slack for daily comms, general chat and threads for work and non work things (pets, kudos, […]