Word of the week…Talent

Recently I have been whizzing around London, in and out of meetings and connecting with some really great people, which has given me so much richness in perspectives and fresh insights.  It has also meant a fair amount of train time, which for me is my chance to get reading and watching to satisfy my […]

Flexible working is about give and take

I was out and about in meetings and on the phone for a good chunk of last week, which meant not alot of “desk time”. I also have two small children, and I need to share the school pick ups and drops offs with my husband, and take the children to their various clubs. I work […]

Diversity is great but it is nothing without Inclusion

We are huge advocates for D&I, every time we get a chance to talk, live and breathe this stuff we do a happy dance because it means so much to us and we believe in the true value of diverse and included workforces. D&I is becoming less of a taboo subject and to get ahead […]

Recruitment 101…Keep in touch with your candidates

In our 2nd video, Sam talks about the basic need to keep in touch with your candidates to ensure that your candidate experience is a positive one.  Unfortunately, this is one area which many businesses fall short but ultimately it just comes down to communication. One easy way to help you keep in touch with […]

Who are Vibrant HR Solutions and what do we do?

Learn more about Vibrant HR Solutions. Here is Sam in our first video telling you a bit more about us and our services. In this short snippet we focus on the importance of a positive candidate experience and the impact that has on your employer brand, company brand and bottom line, and yet so many […]

It’s all about relationships

This brilliant article from @XpertHR demonstrates the linkages between how a poor candidate experience impacts not only your employer brand but your company brand and ultimately your bottom line.  All of us whether we work in-house, outsourced or agency have an obligation to raise the bar when it comes to how candidates are treated.  https://lnkd.in/eHcbpFu  

Turning Employer Brand Metrics into ROI

We found this guide from Link Humans super useful in measuring the returns on the efforts and investment you make into the employer brand Check it out here http://bit.ly/2Ge6yVC