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Who are we?

Fresh out of the box, simply put, we are a small and ambitious independent HR consultancy, specialising in Recruitment, Engagement, Performance and D&I.  We are made up of good honest people who want to be brilliant at what they do and we work with other businesses that think the same way and who are in need of some HR help.

You might be a business owner who hasn’t got the time or feels like you haven’t quite got the expertise to do your people things well, or maybe feel like you have made a bit of a hash out of it in the past, or you might be another HR professional looking for some additional resource and support.

Maybe you don’t really know what you need and want some help working that out, or you might already have a very clear idea. Either way we will come and meet you and ask you loads of questions about you, your business, your culture and your needs and come back with some suggestions of how your peopley things can be improved and how we would love to help.

Check out out our What We Do and Our Services sections to learn more.

We can work with you on an ad-hoc basis as you need us to, or as an extension of your existing HR or recruitment team, so please get in touch.

You are in good hands
  • Chartered MCIPD Level 7 Qualified
  • SHL Accredited
  • Saville Wave Level A & B Accredited
  • British Psychology Society Members
  • BreatheHR Certified Partners

How can we help?

Do you find it hard to find the right person?

We love this stuff, it’s here, it’s now and its staying.

The holy grail of a productive business.

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